Pixel precise background removal in seconds.

Catch AI recognises the vehicle with pixel precision and clips it from any background. Unlock limitless possibilities and unleash the selling power of your photos.

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Catch 360°






The leadingAI-powered photography and editing app for automotive dealerships


Catch Photo

Simplicity meets genius that redefines picture perfect.

The Catch Photo app turns any smartphone into a powerful image capture and editing tool specifically designed to accelerate speed-to-sale at automotive dealerships.

Catch Creator

Maximise the selling power of your photos.

Create backdrops that put the vehicle front and centre. Elevate your brand, captivate potential buyers and achieve stunning visuals that demand attention.


Catch Panel

Catch Panel is the epitome of practicality.

Images captured in the Catch Photo app are automatically saved to the Catch Panel. It provides batch image processing and management.

Catch Connect

Staying well connected has never been easier.

Catch Connect makes it possible for Catch Photo to transfer image files to leading dealer management systems (DMS) and online marketplaces.


Why use Catch Photo?

AI-powered features

Catch Photo has all the features that a successful dealership needs to build a strong brand and sell more vehicles faster.


Built with simplicity in mind, Catch Photo offers an intuitive interface and user-friendly tools making it perfect for all skill levels.

All-in-one solutions

Showcase your inventory just like a professional. Meet or exceed manufacturers’ photo brand guidelines.

Continuous improvement

Receive regular updates and new features to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Seamless integration

Streamline your workflows by connecting Catch Photo with your dealer management system and online marketplaces.

Dedicated support

Support when you need it with a dedicated helpdesk. Prompt assistance, expert guidance, and fast resolution of any issues.

You have questions. We have answers.

How does Catch Photo work?

Catch Photo is an AI-powered app that captures and enhances car photos. It uses deep learning to identify the vehicle and advanced editing techniques to deliver impressive results.

Is Catch Photo easy to use?

Yes, Catch Photo is designed with an intuitive interface and user-friendly tools, making it easy to use for all skill levels.

How fast are photo processes by Catch Photo?

Catch AI recognizes and separates vehicles from the original background with pixel precision in only 0.3 seconds.

How do I get access to my processed images?

You can easily access your images within the mobile app or Catch Panel using your PC. What’s more, with Catch Connect your images will be automatically sent to your DMS and assigned to the respective vehicle.

Can I have a custom designed background?

You literally have 100’s of backgrounds to choose from. But if you want, we can create a unique background just for your dealership.

Can Catch Photo process unusual and specific vehicles?

Catch Photo is capable of processing unusual and exotic vehicles. Please note that processing such vehicles may require additional time due to their unique characteristics.

Can Catch Photo connect to our DMS system?

Yes, we have integration capabilities with approximately 40 different DMS providers, allowing seamless connection.

What level of customer support does Catch offer?

Every client gets access to our helpdesk by email, phone or live chat. Our VIP clients also have access to a dedicated account manager.

Will I need to sign a contract?

No contracts are required for standard use. For clients who want volume discounts, we create a mutually beneficial agreement.

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Pixel precise background removal in seconds.


3D photorealistic backdrops that adapt to the shot angle.

3 in 1

Automatically generates three distinct photos from just one shot.


AI image enhancements for vehicle images that demand attention.


Automatic branding with 3D logos, banners, plate inlays.

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