Simplicity meets genius that is picture perfect.

An AI-powered app with advanced image capture and editing technology for impressive results.

Catch Photo photo

Packed with features for simpler and faster vehicle merchandising

Point-and-shoot photography

User-friendly interface with inbuilt guides, levelling indicators and text and speech instructions making it perfect for all skill levels.


Streamlined workflow

Step-by-step photo order preview to easily meet or exceed the strictest photo style guidelines.

Automatic VIN recognition

The vehicle identification number (VIN) is automatically recorded and photos are grouped by VIN for simple viewing and retrieval.


How Catch Photo works?

Scan the vehicle identification number (VIN)

Catch AI recognizes and automatically records the VIN.
vin photo
photograph photo

Photograph the vehicle

Follow the guides and levelling indicators for best results.

Select image processing

Catch AI automatically optimises the images in seconds.
image processing photo
branding photo

Distribute images

Images are transferred to the DMS and online marketplaces.

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See Catch Photo in Action!

Take the first step to unlock the selling power of your photos.

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