Time is money and now you can save both!

Catch Panel is a practical web application designed to simplify and speed up vehicle merchandising.

Catch Photo panel

Bring the power of Catch Photo to the office

Find and share images

Images from Catch Photo are automatically saved to Catch Panel, offering a convenient way to access and share images.

100’s of images? No problem

Drag and drop multiple images and Catch AI will enhance every image using predefined settings, all at once.

Keep staff on task

Easily manage multiple locations, different staff roles and dealership brands with location and role-based permission settings

Catch Panel

Explore More Catch Solutions

Catch Photo

Advanced image capturing and editing for impressive results.

Catch Creator

Create unique backdrops that put the vehicle front and centre.

Catch Panel

Easily manage, view and download all images from anywhere, anytime.

Catch Connect

Automatically transfer images to a DMS and online marketplaces.

Catch 360°

Turn static images into an interactive showroom experience.

See Catch Photo in Action!

Take the first step to unlock the selling power of your photos.

Catch ai