Build a strong brand that drives sales.

Let Catch AI create a unique branded experience by automatically creating a branded collage, photo frame or licence plate overlay.

Powerful branding on autopilot

With Catch presets you can make vehicles stand out, build trust with prospective buyers and stay ahead of the competition.

Branded Collage

The perfect hero shot for any vehicle detail page (VDP). The collage is created automatically and stored as a separate image after processing


Photo Frame

Use frames on one or multiple photos for maximum visual impact. Various frames can be automatically assigned to specific vehicle brands using the VIN.

Licence Plate Overlay

Catch AI recognizes the licence plate on the vehicle, and replaces it with a branded message or blurs the licence plate completely.


Explore More Catch Tools


Pixel precise background removal in seconds.


3D photorealistic backdrops that adapt to the shot angle.

3 in 1

Automatically generates three distinct photos from just one shot.


AI image enhancements for vehicle images that demand attention.


Automatic branding with 3D logos, banners, plate inlays.

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