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Present every vehicle in the most marketable way possible, ultimately increasing buyer interest, engagement and the odds of making a sale.

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First impressions never get a second chance

First impressions are formed quickly, shape initial perceptions and have a lasting impact on future interactions.

Paint Polishing

After analysing 1000’s of polished vehicles, Catch AI uses a specially developed algorithm to create the effect of perfectly polished paintwork.


Rim Polishing

By using a specially developed algorithm, Catch AI creates the effect of perfectly polished rims


Catch AI adds a reflection to the surface where the car is parked resulting in a photo that has more depth and perspective.


VIN Presets

Catch AI uses the VIN to assign presets. This enables you to automatically apply a specific backdrop and/or enhancements with just a single click.

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Pixel precise background removal in seconds.


3D photorealistic backdrops that adapt to the shot angle.

3 in 1

Automatically generates three distinct photos from just one shot.


AI image enhancements for vehicle images that demand attention.


Automatic branding with 3D logos, banners, plate inlays.

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